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So what is PDR anyway?

Paintless Dent Removal

DentSmart Ltd technician removing dent from car body

The Paintless Dent Removal system is cunningly similar to its name. It’s a mechanism for removing dents in car, van and other vehicle bodywork without repainting the damaged area.

By definition, that means the damaged area mustn’t have cracked or missing paint for us to be able to repair it.

We use a vast array of specialist equipment to manipulate the damaged area back to its original form using the metals source memory. It’s a highly skilled job for technicians with a keen eye because we humans can detect imperfections in smooth shiny surfaces of just a few thousands of an inch!

While  no two jobs are the same, here’s a few examples of what we can and cannot repair for you.


Yes we can

if it’s anything like you see here, we can help


No we can't

sorry, it’s likely that we can’t help

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